Kenny Britt or Justin Gage: Who should start?


The Tennessee Titans have an interesting decision to make at one of their starting WR positions.

A few weeks ago in San Francisco, former starter Justin Gage exited the lineup after making a sensational-elevating catch while simultaneously suffering multiple fractures in his back. Taking full advantage of Gage’s absence, current starter/rookie sensation Kenny Britt caught a game-winning touchdown pass last week en route to a 7-catch, 128-yard performance.

With Gage returning to practice yesterday, Jeff Fisher has already stated that when healthy, “12-Gage” will be opposite of Nate Washington as the team’s other starter at WR. Of course, Fisher also added that despite coming off the bench, Britt will continue to get his share of reps.

Should the future continue to be now with the youngster Britt remaining as starter, or should the veteran Gage serve as another example of the unwritten rule that states that a player should not lose his job due to injury?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Justin Gage. He’s a guy who was found on the second-wave of free agency scrap heap in 2007 and since arriving in Nashville, has been a solid force in the Tennessee Titan passing game. He’s a big target who also has the ability to make an occasional play or two downfield.

However, while Gage may be a solid player, Britt has the potential to become a special player in this league. Like Gage (6’4″ 212), Britt also has size (6’3″ 218). Similar to Gage, Britt has already demonstrated that he can be a solid blocker in the running game. Continuing with the similarities between the two, Britt can also make plays down the football field.

The difference between the two, you ask? Elementary, my dear Watson. Britt is just a more talented player than Gage. Despite recently turning 21 years of age in September, Britt is a guy who has a good understanding of what it takes to succeed in this league. He’s a hard-worker/blue collar type of guy who also happens to have a world of talent.

That’s a scary combination, folks, especially for a player as green as Britt.

Of course, as the Nick Harper/Rod Hood situation demonstrated, Jeff Fisher is an old-school kind of guy who isn’t going to allow an injury or the emergence of a backup get in the way of the incumbent getting his job back. So don’t be surprised to see Gage back as a starter when his back is fully healed.

However, I’m somewhat hopeful that the Titans’ old dog/head coach will learn some new tricks by allowing the talented Britt to remain as a starter. I think Kenny’s demonstrated enough to merit high consideration for being on the field on all three downs as a starter compared to being the team’s 3rd wideout in passing situations.

So now that you’re aware of where Jeff Fisher (and myself) stand on this issue, what’s your take? Gage or Britt: You make the call.


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