Titans/Rams Q&A exchange: Part II


In Part I of this week’s question/answer session, Jeff Roman of Rams Gab answered our five questions regarding tomorrow’s Titans/Rams matchup.

He provided us with some insight regarding Steve Spagnuolo’s first year as a head coach, Marc Bulger’s albatross of a salary/dead man walking status in St. Louis and summed up his fears about facing Chris Johnson by jokingly stating that the Rams should employ a 12 men in the box strategy this weekend.

Coming up next…Part II of our Q&A exchange where I’ll respond to Jeff’s five questions about this weekend’s contest.

Rams Gab

Can Chris Johnson take it easy on us?

Total Titans

He has a Twitter page, so maybe you can ask him to slow it down a bit against the Rams this week.

CJ is in full pursuit of the 2,000 yard rushing mark, so I doubt if he’s going to ease up anytime soon. He’s battling an ankle injury that forced him to miss practice Wednesday, but he’s expected to be ready to go on Sunday.

Per the norm, I’ll go out on the limb (sarcasm) and predict another 100-yard performance by CJ. The Rams’ task should be to limit his gains to shorter ones rather than allowing him to break loose for long scampers.

Good luck with that.

Rams Gab

I’ve heard a lot since Vince Young returned about his “maturity” and “calm”. What’s your take on his improved play? Or is his improved play a effect of the rest of the team’s improved play?

Total Titans

In my opinion, Vince’s stellar play can be attributed to being a better student of the game off the field and making better decisions on it.

He’s always had the physical ability but now he’s winning the mental battle by making good reads and executing the playbook very well. He’s also a much more confident passer, as he’s looked a lot more relaxed in the pocket.

IMO, outside of the aforementioned Chris Johnson, Vince Young is the biggest reason for the team winning five out of their last six games after starting the year a dreadful 0-6.

Rams Gab

What are the chances the Titans make the playoffs this season after a terrible start?

Total Titans

With all seven of the team’s losses coming against conference opponents, even if the Titans can reach the 9-7 mark, it’s going to be hard to overcome their poor record against AFC competition in regards to wild-card tiebreakers.

It’s not impossible, but improbable is perhaps the best word to use regarding the Titans’ chances of making a return trip to the postseason.

However, considering the poor start, it’s a miracle that we’re even having this conversation about the possibility of the Titans making the playoffs.

Rams Gab

What happened to the team between the terrible loss in the snow in New England and the bye week that had this team playing their best football?

Total Titans

Three reasons for the Titans’ improved performance since the bye week:

1. Vince Young has come in at QB and provided a spark with his solid play.

2. After dealing with a slew of injuries prior to the bye week, the Titans are now healthy again at the cornerback position.

3. Despite still giving up chunks of yardage from time to time, the Titan defense as a whole has played much better since the New England debacle.

Rams Gab

What is your score prediction for the Rams-Titans game?

Total Titans

The Rams, despite continuing their losing ways, have been competitive as of late, so they’ll keep it close for a little while. However, the Titans will pull away in the second half for the victory.

Titans 26 Rams 13

On behalf of Total Titans, a big thanks goes out to Jeff Roman for participating in this week’s installment of our Q&A exchange.


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