Memo to the Tennessee Titans: Josh Cribbs may be available


One of the most frustrating recurring themes for the Tennessee Titans in 2009 was a lack of production from their return units.

From Ryan Mouton’s problems with the dreaded affliction also known as fumble-itis, Mark Jones’ lingering hamstring issues and a motley crew of others failing to get the job done, Chris Carr’s departure to the “Ratbirds” was felt tremendously.

In news that could possibly pertain to the Titans, Cleveland’s all-world KR/PR Josh Cribbs was insulted by his current employer’s contract offer and has threatened to demand a trade.

I think you know where I’m going with this….should the Tennessee Titans make a run at Cribbs if he’s available?

Just the mere thought of Josh Cribbs being in a Titan uniform makes me want to do backflips.

As we all know, Josh is one of the league’s most dangerous returners. In addition to his return ability, he’s also the NFL’s version of “Mr. Handyman” due to his penchant for making plays on offense via his wildcat skills.

Can you imagine an offense with Cribbs and Chris Johnson in the backfield on select plays? I’m pretty sure that opposing NFL defensive coordinators would shudder at the thought of having to account for two of the league’s most dangerous playmakers on a given down.

Of course, just the idea of Cribbs venturing to Nashville may be living in fantasy-land. However, it’s the offseason, so why not speculate on something like this occurring…I mean, it’s not like we have a Titans’ game to watch or anything, do we?

All jokes aside, acquiring Cribbs would likely require two things that the Titans may not be willing to give: a new contract and possible compensation in the form of a draft pick going to Cleveland.

Cribbs’ turned down a new $1.4 million offer and according to reports, is looking for anything between $3-6 million per season. Even if the Titans were willing to meet that price, I’m not sure if they’d be interested in giving away a draft pick, especially considering they’re already down one in 2010 as a result of the Jared Cook trade.

Cribbs would fill Chris Carr’s former role and then some if he were to become a Titan. With just that one move, the team would have strengthened one of their biggest weaknesses from ’09.

So what do you think, guys? The Titans should make a run at Josh Cribbs, if available: Yea or nay?


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8 Responses to “Memo to the Tennessee Titans: Josh Cribbs may be available”

  1. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Love the idea, but it won’t happen. The Browns don’t want to pay him, but would likely require a second round pick for him. If the Titans could get him for their 3, I would say do it, but there’s no way you give Cribbs a new contract without sweetening the pot for CJ. Still, we can dream.

  2. Garland Says:

    If you think he was insulted by Cleveland’s offer, wait til you see how he would react to Tennessee’s offer! That’s their specialty – insulting veterans with low-ball contract offers.

  3. Alvin Says:

    3 mil for a returner no thanks. Just get Ringer more reps and he’ll be fine or draft one.

  4. cld12pk2go Says:

    Offer them Lendale straight up for Cribbs…

  5. dedkrikit Says:

    What’s wrong with giving up a draft pick? Unless the Titans are up against the cap, it’s just a question of money. Giving up a draft pick for a veteran is more of a gain in the roster category. You are giving up an unknown for a known (good) quality.

    Granted, the Titans front office apparently has cheap pockets…

  6. Titans773 Says:

    I think corner and D-line are certainly the needs via the Draft and possibly free agency, but if the hypothetical is giving up a 2nd round to get a returner – something the team can honestly say they’ve had just twice since coming to Nashville (Mason in the early 2000s and Pacman for a year) – I would say go for it.

    The staff completely neglected the position this season and are desparately in need of a return game and Cribbs could find his way into offensive packages as well. Plus, we will be WELL UNDER the cap so
    spend whatever it takes to get us a return game.

    Want to know what a second-round pick has been worth to this franchise since the Super Bowl run, just take a look at these stellar names and tell me why we shouldn’t give up a 2nd to go get a glaring need.

    2nd Round Picks since 2000
    Marks – 2009 TBD
    Jason Jones – 2008 – TBD
    Chris Henry – 2007 – Gone
    LenDale – 2006 – Probably gone
    Roos – 2005 – Wonderful pick
    Troupe – 2004 – Gone
    Calico – 2003 – Gone
    Tank Williams – 2002 – Gone
    Andre Dyson – 2001 – Gone
    Erron Kinney – 2000 – Decent while here but only played til 2005

    So that’s officially one out of 10 and two pending, so again, do whatever it takes.

  7. Strangely Enough Says:

    Hard to imagine the FO paying that kind of money for a special teams player, even one that good.

  8. drexelperry Says:

    Titans 773,

    That list that you put up regarding the team’s 2nd rounders over the last decade (for the most part) hurts my eyes!

    As for the topic at hand, I agree that it’s not likely that the Titans will try to attain Cribbs but boy, would it be nice if they did!

    As always, thanks for dropping by to share your thoughts guys.

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