Happy trails, KVB?


In preparation for his participation in last night’s Pro Bowl, veteran DE Kyle Vanden Bosch informed the media about his belief regarding his days as a Tennessee Titan coming to end.

KVB, who will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason, has not been approached with an offer to stay and he’s preparing to extend his career in another NFL city in 2010.

Is letting KVB depart via the waters of free agency a good or bad decision by the Titans?

The rags-to-riches story of the emergence of Vanden Bosch from an injury-prone player to one of the game’s better defensive ends has been a pleasure to watch over the last several years.

The Titans’ version of the energizer bunny due to his relentless motor, KVB resuscitated a career that was headed nowhere in the Arizona desert by accumulating double-digit sacks total in two of his first three years in Nashville.

Unfortunately, the dreaded injury bug reared its ugly head in 2008 as KVB was limited to only 4.5 sacks while suiting up in only 10 games. In 2009, despite being rewarded with a trip to Miami’s Pro Bowl, Kyle did not have one of his trademark stellar seasons, ending up with only 3 QB takedowns in 16 games.

Due to the decline in production from KVB and the team’s other veteran DE Jevon Kearse, who is also headed out the door, the Titans appear to be in a state of transition at the DE position.

With youngsters Jacob Ford and William Hayes stepping up and according to mock drafters, the real possibility of adding a first-round talent at DE, the Titans are in the midst of a youth movement at the position.

As for KVB, he’ll undoubtedly have a suitor or two in free agency. Don’t be shocked if he ends up in Detroit with former Titan defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who could use the presence of a veteran guy with a winning attitude in the losing climate of Motown.

So what do you think, guys? To let or not let KVB go: that is the question.


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6 Responses to “Happy trails, KVB?”

  1. Bob Loblaw Says:

    I would bring him back on a one-year deal if the money is right. Kearse is a gonner for sure, and Ball wasn’t all that impressive this year. If they both go and KVB isn’t back, the Titans will have at least two spots to fill at DE. With all the other holes on defense, that will mean finding at least one DE in free agency rather than the draft, and it’s likely going to be slim pickins in the FA market this year.

    I really don’t get the way the Titans operate sometimes. That he’s heard from almost nobody since the end of the season, even to say “we’re going in another direction, but thanks for everything” is appauling. It has been a pleasure having KVB on the Titans, but his sense is probably right, he will likely be gone. Too bad.

  2. wesc Says:

    I wonder if KVB hearing nothing from the Titans has to do with the need for a major refit on defense. Going into an uncapped year adds complexity, needing to fill spots at CB, S, LB, and DE mean they have to look at the draft, Free agents, and come up with an overall plan before they can decide if KVBs experience and attitude are good enough for another year, or if if they feel they can make a significant upgrade at the position. I would not be surprised if they Titans are in fact changing their Defensive game plan that seemed to fall apart with the loss of Haynesworth and the dropoff of Kearse. The defense played MUCH better after the bye, they also played differently. New scheme, new players, draft, uncapped year etc. means the folks at Titans HQ may be doing a LOT of thinking.

    Or they might just be driniking beer and forgot to call . . .

  3. Scott Says:

    Bob, you took the words right out of my mouth. The Titans aren’t exactly deep at the DE position this coming season. I would think that they would want to bring back a veteran presence and a guy that has, by all accounts, an excellent work ethic. If not KVB, then they are just going to have to find another veteran in free agency. And as we all know, that veteran won’t be a high-priced player that achieved great sack numbers last year. It will be someone with similar stats to KVB. So, why not bring him back for another year or two?

    On a similar note, what happened to Dave Ball this year? At one point during training camp, I think Washburn suggested that he was the best DE on the roster, but he never came close to demonstrating that during the season.

  4. Andrew Strickert Says:

    I too would like to see KVB back again but I understand why the team would want to go in a different direction if that’s what they indeed end up doing. I wouldn’t like it but would understand.

    Scott, I wonder if Ball’s offseason back surgery had anything to do with the decline in his performance. Not much was ever said about his surgery or recuperation/rehab from it. Neither he nor the team ever used it as an excuse for the dropoff in his play.

  5. Drexel Perry Says:

    Re-signing KVB makes a lot more sense than bringing back an aging Jevon Kearse to the fold.

    However, like most of you, I wouldn’t be surprised if KVB is playing in another NFL locale in 2010.

    As always, thanks for dropping by to share your thoughts guys.

  6. Tennessee Titans offseason positional analysis: Defensive end « Total Titans Says:

    […] in November, believes he’ll be calling somewhere else home this year, as Drexel wrote about here. My heart hopes he’ll be re-signed for another season and that he’ll regain his old […]

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