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Retaining Stephen Tulloch: A no-brainer for the Tennessee Titans

February 11, 2010

Similar to the subject of my most recent article (Tony Brown), the impending free agent status of fellow Titan defensive stalwart Stephen Tulloch is also in limbo due to the NFL’s situation with an expiring collective bargaining agreement.

To make a long story short: New CBA= Tulloch is an unrestricted free agent, No CBA= Tulloch being a restricted free agent.

As the case with my feelings towards bringing Brown back into the fold, re-signing Stephen Tulloch should also be a top offseason priority for the Tennessee Titans. (more…)

Memo to the Tennessee Titans: Keep Tony Brown around

February 9, 2010

Regardless of whether or not a new collective bargaining agreement will be reached by the beginning of March, in some shape or form, Tony Brown will be a free agent this offseason.

Without a new CBA, Brown’s ability to test the free agency waters will be restricted. At the opposite end of the spectrum, TB will be an unrestricted free agent if the seemingly impossible occurs with the owners and the players’ union shaking hands on a new agreement.

Either way, based on his stellar play over the last couple of seasons, the Tennessee Titans would be wise to bring Tony Brown back into the fold. (more…)

Happy trails, KVB?

February 1, 2010

In preparation for his participation in last night’s Pro Bowl, veteran DE Kyle Vanden Bosch informed the media about his belief regarding his days as a Tennessee Titan coming to end.

KVB, who will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason, has not been approached with an offer to stay and he’s preparing to extend his career in another NFL city in 2010.

Is letting KVB depart via the waters of free agency a good or bad decision by the Titans? (more…)

Jevon Kearse, thanks for the memories

January 23, 2010

Jevon Kearse has been a Titan for seven of his eleven NFL seasons. Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans

Of all the Titans whose contracts are expiring, Jevon Kearse is the one most certain not to return for another season in two-tone blue.

He’s just finished the worst season of his 11-year NFL career, has to recuperate from knee surgery and will be 34 years old when the season starts in September.

It could very well be his final year in the league as well but don’t feel sorry for The Freak. He’s had a spectacular (at least his first three seasons) and lucrative career. (more…)

The Tennessee Titans miss Chris Carr

January 16, 2010

Later today, former Titan/current Baltimore Raven Chris Carr will serve as his new team’s returner and starting cornerback as they face off against Peyton Manning and the Colts.

Meanwhile, back in Nashville, the hurt that stems from the offseason loss of “Mr. Indispensable” still lingers.

As we’ve said on several occasions on Total Titans since Carr’s departure last March, losing the valuable returner/fill-in CB was undoubtedly one of the Titans’ worst offseason decisions in 2009. (more…)

Grading VY against the Chargers

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year, everybody.

When Vince Young took over as Titans quarterback following the bye week this year, the question every Titans fan was interested in seeing answered was whether or not VY had used his time on the bench wisely, whether or not he had decided to put in the hard work necessary to be an NFL quarterback; work that, if put in, hadn’t been apparent in his play in 2007 or in his limited work in 2008.

That question, happily for Titans fans, was answered in the affirmative; VY was confident and decisive in the pocket, and more accurate than he’d been in the playoff season of 2007. While this itself was a very encouraging sign, any quarterback willing to work operating with at least semi-competent coaches (which QB coach Craig Johnson and OC Mike Heimerdinger certainly are) could have at least some initial success.


Four records are within Chris Johnson’s reach

December 27, 2009

Chris Johnson speeds by the defense in training camp. Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans.

Chris Johnson speeds by the defense in the Titans 2009 training camp. Photo by Andrew Strickert for Total Titans.

Will CJ become CJ2K?

Now that the playoffs are no longer a possibility for the Tennessee Titans, there’s not a lot left to play for, other than records and experience for younger players.

There are some prestigious and attainable single-season records that the Titans’ offense and Chris Johnson will be striving to achieve in the season finale at Seattle next week.

If Johnson is able to set any of these records, they will also reflect on the rest of the team, particularly the offensive line. Hey, those are my guys and I’d love to see them get some more recognition too.

We’ll look at four records within Johnson’s reach, after the jump. (more…)

LenDale White’s disappearing act

December 16, 2009

One of the highlights of 2009 Tennessee Titans training camp was the suddenly thin appearance of the new and improved LenDale White.

Helped out by his decision to give up the Patron, White’s Jaredesque weight loss led some to believe that an impressive season was in store for #25. With his status as an unrestricted free agent in 2010 (pending the signing of a new collective bargaining agreement), LW was dedicated towards having a big (pun intended) year in 2009.

Unfortunately, ’09 has been anything but a spectacular season for White, who has all but vanished from the Tennessee Titan ground game. (more…)

Where’s Rod Hood when you need him?

December 8, 2009

On the bench, unfortunately.

Forced into action shortly after signing as a free agent due to Nick Harper’s broken forearm, Roderick Hood emerged as an immediate playmaker for the Tennessee Titan defense. Hood accounted for three interceptions in three games as the starter opposite of Pro Bowler Cortland Finnegan.

As of late, however, Hood has been missing in action as the veteran Harper has reclaimed his spot in the starting lineup. Last Sunday, Pierre Garcon torched Harper on a consistent basis while Hood was on the sidelines as a result of being declared inactive for the third consecutive game since Harp’s return.

Memo to Jeff Fisher: It’s well past time to re-insert Hood into the starting lineup. (more…)

Kenny Britt or Justin Gage: Who should start?

December 3, 2009

The Tennessee Titans have an interesting decision to make at one of their starting WR positions.

A few weeks ago in San Francisco, former starter Justin Gage exited the lineup after making a sensational-elevating catch while simultaneously suffering multiple fractures in his back. Taking full advantage of Gage’s absence, current starter/rookie sensation Kenny Britt caught a game-winning touchdown pass last week en route to a 7-catch, 128-yard performance.

With Gage returning to practice yesterday, Jeff Fisher has already stated that when healthy, “12-Gage” will be opposite of Nate Washington as the team’s other starter at WR. Of course, Fisher also added that despite coming off the bench, Britt will continue to get his share of reps.

Should the future continue to be now with the youngster Britt remaining as starter, or should the veteran Gage serve as another example of the unwritten rule that states that a player should not lose his job due to injury? (more…)