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Postmortem on Titans vs Ravens

January 11, 2009

Well, I certainly didn’t think the Titans would have a 13-3 record and earn the number one seed in the playoffs, so for them to do what they did this season was beyond my expectations. Having said that, I also have to say that after nearly 24 hours of contemplating a very disappointing loss, with time to reflect upon it, I will be man enough to congratulate the Ratbirds for having the best team – at least for one evening. Hey, we could go through that could’ve, would’ve, should’ve crap, but the scoreboard said the Ratbirds were the best team Saturday night. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. After I post this article, I’m going over to the Ravens Roost website to say the same.


Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens: Gameday/inactives

January 10, 2009

Here are the inactives for today’s Titans-Ravens playoff battle:

#8 QB Chris Simms (3rd QB)
#17 WR Chris Davis
#38 CB Tyrone Poole
#42 RB Chris Henry
#48 FB Casey Cramer
#68 C Kevin Mawae
#87 WR Lavelle Hawkins
#98 DE Dave Ball

Starting Lineup Changes
#64 Leroy Harris starts at C in place of #68 Kevin Mawae

#2 QB Todd Bouman (3rd QB)
#15 WR Terrance Copper
#25 CB Evan Oglesby
#38 RB Jalen Parmele
#50 OLB Antwan Barnes
#58 ILB Robert McCune
#64 OT Oniel Cousins
#76 G/T David Hale
Feel free to use this space to post your in-game thoughts.
Go Titans!!!

A Ravens writer answers questions from Total Titans

January 8, 2009

Thanks to Mike Brown of Ravens Roost, MVN’s Baltimore Ravens site, for participating in this question and answer exchange with Total Titans. Following are our questions for Mike, who will give us his answers from the Ravens’ point of view.


Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens: Keys to a playoff victory

January 8, 2009

Can Saturday arrive soon enough?

We’re less than 48 hours away from the latest “Rumble on the Cumberland” between the Tennessee Titans and the hated Baltimore Ravens.

With a berth in the AFC Championship Game and the continued pursuit of Super Bowl dreams on the line, both teams will give it their all as they prepare to pen the latest chapter in one of the league’s most bitter rivalries.

Here are a few keys to a Tennessee Titan victory this weekend.


Total Titans Q&A exchange with a Ravens writer

January 7, 2009
Titans fans, I’ll be asking one of the writers from Ravens Roost, MVN’s Baltimore Ravens site, to participate in a question and answer exchange with us about this week’s game. Total Titans readers, what are your questions for a Ravens blogger? What would you like to know about them from their point of view?

A few Titans-Ravens matchups to watch

January 6, 2009
One matchup shouldn’t solely determine the outcome of a game but there’s one that concerns me a little this week. I’m a little concerned about the Ratbirds’ behemoth nose tackle, Haloti Ngata, vs either Kevin Mawae or Leroy Harris. If Mawae plays, he may be limited and/or hindered by his elbow. I’m sure he’s not going to sit out just because it’s painful; he’s too tough a guy to let a little pain keep him out. If he misses the game, it will be either because o-line coach Mike Munchak feels the elbow will limit his effectiveness, or Doc Elrod will keep him out if he’s concerned Mawae might do more damage to the elbow. From what I’ve heard, the former seems to be the more likely scenario.


Titans prepare for postseason play

December 29, 2008

Now that the Titans have finished the regular season with a franchise-best 13-3 record, we can now look forward to the playoffs. As the number one seed in the AFC, Tennessee will host the lowest remaining seed after the wildcard round. If Baltimore beats Miami, the Titans will host the Ravens on Saturday, January 10. If Miami beats Baltimore, the Titans get the winner of the San Diego-Indianapolis game.
No matter which of those three teams the Titans will play, it will be a quality opponent which is on a roll. Baltimore has a terrific defense, which kept the Titans out of the end zone for 58 minutes in October. The Ravens have won five of their last six games, losing only a close one to number two seed Pittsburgh.