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Who do the Titans rookies remind you of?

May 31, 2009

Many Titans fans were overjoyed when Tennessee drafted Kenny Britt in the first round of this year’s draft, the first time the team had selected a first-round wideout since Kevin Dyson in 1998. Britt will now be linked to Dyson for quite a few years and comparisons between the two will be made.
It might surprise you to know that Dyson wasn’t the first former Titans draft pick I thought of when playing the “he reminds you of…” game. The first former Titans draft pick who came to my mind was Tyrone Calico, who, until Britt, was the highest WR draft pick by Tennessee since Dyson.


Thoughts on roster construction, plus links

May 25, 2009

Before the draft, I wrote a post wondering if the Titans had room for all their draft picks, and speculated the Titans would look to get rid of some of their draft picks by moving up, because they didn’t have room for all of them.  Of course, those wacky folks at Baptist Sports Park then went ahead and not only kept their draft picks, they traded one of the most valuable commodities the NFL has, a second round pick, from next year’s draft to draft another player who’ll beat out somebody who was good enough to play on last year’s 13-3, #1-seeded team.  Does this make any sense?


Answering Michael Lombardi’s questions about the Titans

May 18, 2009

Before the draft, Michael Lombardi of National Football Post gave every team 5 questions they needed to answer entering into the NFL draft.  It’s now been 2 months since Lombardi posed his list of 5 questions about the Titans, so I thought I’d take a look at how well his questions had been answered, whether as part of the draft or otherwise.


Making the Titans roster may be tough for Ryan Durand

May 8, 2009

We recently looked at tackle Troy Kropog here on Total Titans and we’ll now look at the other offensive lineman just drafted by Tennessee, guard Ryan Durand.
I’ve read conflicting scouting reports on both his strength and his athletic ability so we’ll just have to wait and see about that. However, we do know about his Pro Day, which gives us a few clues.

This report of his Pro Day, by The National Football Post, says he showed “quick feet and good athleticism” and benched 28 reps. He also had a 27-inch vertical and a 4.66 short shuttle. Durand’s bench press and short shuttle, which are indicators of good upper body strength and lateral quickness, were better than most of the o-linemen’s at the combine.

In the Titans’ post-draft press conference, Jeff Fisher called Durand a talented, smart and tough player who o-line coach Mike Munchak liked.


Troy Kropog creates a problem for Michael Otto

May 6, 2009

The Titans’ selection of tackle Troy Kropog as their fourth-round compensatory draft pick came as something of a surprise to many fans. It was obviously not a position of immediate need, at least not as much as a few other positions.
Kropog was definitely selected as the best player available and it’s easy to see why.
Scott Wright’s Draft Countdown awarded Kropog with a three-star rating, predicting him as a second or third-round pick. Kropog was the ninth-ranked tackle on Wright’s board.
So when Kropog was still available at the bottom of Round Four, the Titans sent his name in.


Do you smell what Jared “The Rook” is Cook-ing?

May 5, 2009

Rookie minicamp isn’t the be-all-end-all of determining factors regarding the type of impact a player is going to make during his NFL debut. While the competition is spirited, the rookie minicamp atmosphere lacks the intensity that naturally comes with putting on the pads and going toe-to-toe with experienced league vets.

Despite rookie camp’s limitations, let’s not rain too much on the parade of Tennessee Titan TE Jared Cook, who made a mighty fine impression on many with his spectacular grabs and consistent display of amazing athletic ability for a man of his stature.


Eyeing the opposition: The Jaguars’ draft from a Titans perspective

May 4, 2009
2008 record: 5-11
Needs: OT, DT, WR, QB, CB
2009 top draft picks:
Rd 1 – OT Eugene Monroe
Rd 2 – OT Eben Britton
Rd 3 – DT Terrance Knighton, CB Derek Cox
Rd 4 – WR Mike Thomas
With so many pressing needs, the Jags could have gone in several different directions with their first pick, the eighth overall, and their fans could debate for years the choice of Eugene Monroe over B.J. Raji, Michael Crabtree and Josh Freeman.


Eyeing the opposition: The Texans’ draft from a Titans perspective

May 2, 2009
2008 record: 8-8
Needs: OLB, RB, CB, WR
2009 top draft picks:
Rd 1 – OLB Brian Cushing
Rd 2 – DE Connor Barwin
Rd 3 – OL Antoine Caldwell
Rd 4 – CB Glover Quin, TE Anthony Hill
Despite not filling two positions of need, the Texans appear to have the best draft in the AFC South, getting good value while filling some other needs, Well-respected draft guru Rick Gosselin gave them his only A+ in his rating of all 32 NFL teams. It bodes well for Texans fans, who may soon see a franchise-first winning season.


Eyeing the opposition: The Colts’ draft from a Titans perspective

April 30, 2009

2008 record: 12-4, wildcard playoff berth
Needs: RB, DT, LB, WR
2009 key draft picks:
Rd 1 – RB Donald Brown
Rd 2 – DT Fili Moala
Rd 3 – CB Jerraud Powers
Rd 4 – WR Austin Collie, DT Terrance Taylor
As long as Bill Polian is making the decisions you can expect the Colts to have solid, if not great, drafts. After all, he’ was the man who was certain that Peyton Manning would be better than Ryan Leaf and Edgerrin James would be more valuable than Ricky Williams. He drafted Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Dwight Freeney and Bob Sanders, just to name a few more stars.


Players on Watch

April 29, 2009

Before the draft, I wrote about 54 players already on the team who I thought had a particularly legitimate chance of making the Titans’ roster.  With the Titans not only using all of their draft picks, contrary to my expectation, they even added a player.  So, for every draft pick, there’s one player on my list whose future as a Titan is in danger.  Let’s see who it is.