Mike Reinfeldt is OK with me


It was easy for Titans fans to be upset with new GM Mike Reinfeldt a year ago and I was front and center among those voicing their displeasure.
The new GM had the temerity to place “dollar values” on players, as if calculating their worth as assets on a balance sheet. I was critical when the Titans lost their leading rusher and two leading receivers in free agency because other teams made better offers to them.
Hindsight shows that Reinfeldt was right, at least in the short-term, which was the 2007 season. Travis Henry, Drew Bennett and Bobby Wade posted less than impressive stats last year and the teams who paid big bucks to them certainly got much less than they bargained for.
This year looks to be the same song, second verse. The Titans’ top three unrestricted free agents all left for more money and what they perceived to be greener pastures. Although I hated to see them leave, especially Odom and Bell, I’m not going to criticize Reinfeldt for not offering them enough to stay on board. The man has proved he knows what he’s doing.
I was less than happy when Reinfeldt brought in Justin Gage and Ryan Fowler but both of them were big contributors for the Titans last year. He definitely saw something in them and I give him and Director of Pro Personnel Lake Dawson kudos for recognizing talent that others didn’t see.
This year Reinfeldt has so far filled holes at the Titans’ positions of need, adding DE Jevon Kearse, TE Alge Crumpler, G Jake Scott and WR Justin McCareins. How well those players will fill those holes remains to be seen. I have some uncertainty about Kearse and Crumpler, due to health issues. I believe we know exactly what we’re getting with Scott and McCareins, though I by no means believe McCareins is the answer to the Titans’ passing game deficiencies.
Reinfeldt isn’t done yet. He’s looking at defensive tackle, safety, running back and linebacker as well as more defensive ends, receivers and tight ends.
He’s done a few things I still don’t agree with, such as drafting Chris Henry and Paul Williams in the second and third rounds last year, but I’ll get over it, I hope.
Good job, Mike. You’re OK with me, I don’t care what Bill says about you.


7 Responses to “Mike Reinfeldt is OK with me”

  1. David H. Says:

    Once again I agree with you Andrew. I think only time will tell what Chris Henry is capable of. As for Paul Williams, for a third round pick (which is a 1st day selection) to never see the field during the regular season or playoffs, kinda has me scratching my head too. I’ve been a little unfair in my criticism of Reinfeldt as well. He dose seem to know what hes doing and we could do a lot worse at GM. I just pray he makes sound decisions come draft day. Especially at WR.

  2. cld12pk2go Says:

    If he can get Roos, Stewert, and Bog Al all signed long term this summer, then I think not indulging the the recent mega-dollar FA orgy will pay huge dividends later.
    These are the core guys that we just have to keep. I will take them over a expensive FA like Stallworth any day.

  3. Dan Says:

    I think his decision making ability in th off season has shown that it it pretty good, but I his drafting ability remains to be seen. IMO besides Griffin, Harris, and maybe Henry non will be any good.

  4. Drexel Perry Says:

    I am very impressed with Reinfeldt’s cap management skills and his ability to not put the team into the Hades-like cap situation they faced a few years ago.
    As Andrew mentioned, he has also displayed good judgement in terms of not committing long term dollars to players who are replaceable, such as Henry, Bennett and perhaps Bell, Odom and LaBoy this offseason.
    As for the draft, I will give him a pass for now. It still isn’t too late for guys like Henry, Harris and Williams to become contributors.

  5. jrtitans Says:

    Great to see you on here again. I have to fully agree. I like Mike! I would probably do things different but he has a plan and he its seems to be moving the team in the right direction. We were about pronounced dead last year with all the player losses ( henry,bennet, wade, pacman) and made the playoffs anyway.
    The guys that left–were offered something but went for bigger paydays and that is just the business. Would you have paid starks or laboy the money they got?
    The comments before are strong–lets get Roos,Stewart and Big AL signed up. I dont know about Paul Williams being that Davis got playing time and so did Ealy. These things happen–we could have got Hester instead of Len Dale–wish we had traded up and got Bowe(WR)–and who can forget the Colsten Effect with the Saints.
    The guys they brought in this year may not be the answer but they sure didnt break the bank and Im sure all are good fits for the team and definately wont disrupt the locker room.
    Last years draft almost involved the Turner trade. The only thing I would like to see is the titans get aggressive in the draft. I want Sweed but also wouldnt mind them packaging some picks and move up in the 2nd round and get another potential impact player(my opinion).
    Still in the works ,I guess or not dead yet ,are the trade rumors about Pacman( seems like someone would be willing to overpay) and also about another player #85.
    We may not agree with all the decisions but I like the results of being in the playoffs and at least we have an opportunity to spend on a marquee player (although may not be used) which we didnt have in the past.

  6. adam Says:

    I like Mike too! Even after the inability of last year’s FA departures to make the expected impact on their new teams, many fans felt the sky was falling again when Mike took the slow approach this year & let our guys go elsewhere. I would actually have preferred Utecht to Crumpler, and would like to see Thomas signed if the price is right, but no major complaints. I am thrilled that he stayed away from overpriced mediocre WRs and got McCareins for $1mil.
    I know this team has needs (DE, DT, CB, WR, RB), but I hope Mike & Jeff draft the best available in each round & don’t worry about reaching for potential at a position of need. That is how to build a successful franchise for the long term. Overall good job so far & can’t wait until draft weekend.

  7. Johnathon Says:

    DE Jevon Kearse, TE Alge Crumpler, G Jake Scott and WR Justin McCareins LMFAO
    also, your picture at the top right is…..really weird

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